Bangladesh Forum for Educational Development (BAFED) was established in December 1991 by professionals:  educationalists, researchers, development planners and practitioners. BAFED is a non-political voluntary organization dedicated to social progress and national development.


Help create an enabling environment for developing a knowledge society through academic advancement, research, training, dissemination of knowledge, ideas and relevant publications.


  • Strive to assure access, equity, relevance and quality of education at all levels in Bangladesh.
  • Undertake research studies, provide consultative services, organize conference, symposium, seminar, workshop and training programs.
  • Promote innovative programs and activities.
  • Provide platform for presentation of educational research studies to enhance the visibility of such researches.
  • Generate educational literature, publish professional Journals and relevant publications for the stakeholders.
Publication and Collaborative Arrangement

Bangladesh Education Journal (English) has been published by Bangladesh Forum for Educational Development (BAFED) through collaboration for over a decade with UNESCO Bangladesh and the Institute of Educational Development (IED), BRAC University. Action Aid International Bangladesh, because of its interest in encouraging critical examination of issues on governance, public finance and citizen engagement in education, has joined the collaborative arrangement in 2014.

Articles for publication in this journal are required to be of high standard and meet the criteria set by the editorial board. The articles are selected in two ways: either these are presented in the periodic Educational Research Dissemination Conferences organized jointly by UNESCO-BAFED or these can be sent directly to the editor. In both cases, the journal follows a peer review process with editorial oversight exercised by a board of editors. The journal is published from Bangladesh twice a year in English Language (ISSN 1811-0762).

Another publication of BAFED is the Bangladesh Shikhsha Shamoiki (Bangladesh Education Periodical) published in Bangla. This was also published in collaboration with UNESCO-Dhaka, the Institute of Educational Development (IED) of BRAC University. Bangladesh Education Periodical is also now published in collaboration with Action Aid International Bangladesh. Bangladesh Shikhsha Shamoiki follows a peer review process. The journal is published twice a year (ISSN 1991- 6655).

Both the Journals are disseminated widely in print at national and international levels. They have a wide readership among those who are working in the area of education and development, both in the government and outside, as academics, researchers, policy makers, development partners and civil-society members. The contents of both are posted on the BAFED website.

Editorial Board of Bangladesh Education Journal (English)

  • Advisory Editor: Dr. Manzoor Ahmed
  • Editor:Professor Dr. Abu Hamid Latif
  • Members: Dr.Sekander Hayat Khan, Dr.Siddiqur Rahman, Mr.Harunur Rashid Khan, Khandaker Lutful Khaled

  • International Review Panel for Bangladesh Education Journal
    • Associate Professor Dr. Joanne M. Deppeler, Associate Dean, Faculty of Education, Monash University, Australia.
    • Dr. Umesh Sharma, Senior Lecturer, Monash University. Australia
    • Associate Professor Dr. Jan Siska,Faculty of Education, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic.
    • Dr. Jacqueline Van Swet, Associate Rector Fontys University, The Netherlands
    • Dr. Sulochini Pather, Senior Lecturer, Roehampton University, London, UK
    • Professor Dr. Golam Kibria, Education Department, Delaware State University, USA
    Editorial Board for Bangladesh Shikhsha Shamoiki (Bangla Periodical)
    • Advisory Editor: Dr. Manzoor Ahmed
    • Editor:Professor Dr. Abu Hamid Latif
    • Executive Editor: Mr. Shafiul ALam
    • Members: Ms. Momtaz Jahan, Ms.Shaymoli Akbar, Mr. Mohammad Mojibur Rahman

    Educational Researchers’ Conference


    UNESCO – BAFED collaboration program organized Fifteenth Educational Researchers' Conference since 2003. The conferences provide only platform available in Bangladesh where the educational researchers could present their research studies before a learned audience followed by discussions and suggestions.

    After each conference, researchers submit their finalized research papers for review of editorial boards for publication in Bangladesh Education Journal (English) and Bangladesh Shiksha Samoikee (Bangla Peroidical).

    Two educational symposia were organized so far on literacy, teacher education and other issues related to formulation and implementation of new education policy initiated by the government in 2010

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